Clinical Laboratory Systems -VITROS Family

All VITROS systems are standardized with our proven and patented enabling technologies that are self-monitoring, highly efficient, and best of all, easy to use. With minimal staff interventions and reduced error potential, you get quality results and maximum uptime. All VITROS® systems also use single use disposable tips to address carry over and contamination concerns to ensure the right result, first time and on time.

 Vitros® XT 7600

Integrated System Assay categories

Removes the obstacles to reducing turnaround time and increasing your ability to provide meaningful results.


Vitros ® 5600

Integrated System Assay categories

General Chemistry, Special Chemistry, Immunoassay, Protein, Drugs.


Immunodiagnostic System.




Vitros ® 4600

Chemistry System Assay categories

General Chemistry, Special Chemistry, Protein, Drugs


Vitros ® 3600 Immunodiagnostic System

The VITROS® 3600 Immunodiagnostics System has been designed to help you effectively deliver a broad portfolio of high value immunoassay results. The VITROS® 3600 System also offers Intelligent Sample Management, with the ability to prioritize workflow by “looking ahead” for up to 50 samples.

 Vitros® XT 3400

Chemistry System Assay categories

Next generation VITROS® 350 / 250



Vitros ®Total Lab Automation Pre-analytical System:

Pre-analytical system offers flexible configurations to meet the specific needs of laboratory within the available space. One configuration can include several modules of the same type depending on laboratory’s workload.


Blood Bank System


Ortho Vision™Analyzers

The ORTHO VISION™ Analyzers automates the full range of the immunohematology testing including serial dilutions for titration studies and selected cell panels, which helps to eliminate manual testing even specialty testing.



Examines the extensive menu of tests:

  • ABO/Rh Grouping
  • ABI/Rh Confirmation
  • Antibody Screen
  • Antibody Identification
  • Selected Cell Panel
  • RH Phentotype (C,cE,e)
  • Donor Confirmation
  • Antigen Typing
  • Serial Dilutions for Titration Studies
  • Eluates
  • Cord Blood Testing
  • Crossmatch (AHG)


Increase precision and accuracy

Provide the accuracy your patients deserve with a validated system of ID-MTS™ Gel Cards- the serological standard for blood banks with centrifuge and incubator. Proven reliable ID-MTS™ Gel Cards offer clear, stable, well-defines end points, objective interpretation of results, and a full assay portfolio.

ORTHO™ Workstation menu of tests:

  • ABO Grouping/Rh Testing
  • Neonatal Blood Type (Forward Only)
  • Blood Unit Confirmation (Group A,B, AB)
  • Blood Unit Confirmation (Group O)
  • Indirect Antiglobulin Testing
  • Compatibility Testing (Coombs Crossmatch)
  • Compatibility Testing (Immediate Spin Crossmatch)
  • Direct Antiglobulin Testing
  • Rh Phenotyping
  • Rh Typing

Ortho™Optic Reader

ORTHO Optix™

Get the high-quality results of an automated solution no matter the size of your lab. At the heart of our semi-automated portfolio is ORTHO Optix Reader, an advanced card reader designed to automate reaction grading and elevate your lab’s performance too.

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