Virus Specimen Collection & Transport System


Superior specimen collection and release capability than traditional swabs, capable of more sample capacity, such as virus, chlamydia and mycoplasma

  • Better nucleic acid absorption capacity, improve the positive rate of virus detection effectively.
  • Specimen could release to the transport medium immediately, reduce the waste of specimen.
  • Flexible rods, according with ergonomic design.



Used for transportation or transfer of pathogenic microorganism, such as virus, chlamydia or mycoplasma

  • Inactivated medium-Guanidine-thiocyanate based medium, guarantee the viability inactivation of specimens during transportation and testing, inhibit the activity of nuclease and maintain the stability of pathogen nucleic acid and human genome.
  • Culture transport medium- Hanks formula with antibiotics and phenol red, can be used for subsequent virus culture without affecting virus activity and infection ability.
  • General medium- As a basic buffer, it can help to stabilize samples.
  • Three specifications of the medium meet different testing requirements: 1,2,3ml.
  • Made of medical polypropylene, resistant to low temperature (-70°C).
  • Concave screw cap and silicone O-ring ensure seal integrity of tubes, prevent the leakage of solution.



The head of the swab is made of polyester fiber, rayon or pile coating, etc. These materials can help to collect enough samples and make no impacts on subsequent experiments. The handle of the swab is made of plastic or aluminum, which is designed to be easily broken



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