i-Smart 30 Pro Electrolyte

Advantages of i-Smart 30 PRO

  •   Measures NA+, K+, Cl- concentrations with 60 ㎕ of blood.
  •   Reports patient results in 35 seconds on a big color screen.
  •   Eliminates maintenance by use of all-in-one cartridge.
  •   Cartridge can now be used for up to 4 weeks.
  •   Operates on battery for maximum 2 hours without being plugged in.
  •   Allows fast and error-free data entry using barcode scanner.

Maintenance-Free Cartridge

  •   All-in-one cartridge contains all reagents & consumables such as electrodes, calibration solutions, tubing, waste bag, and sampler.
  •   Replacing a cartridge is all you have to do for maintenance!
  •   Each cartridge offers an extended use life of 4 weeks!

User-Friendly Interface

  •   Offer intuitive & easily accessible touch screen menus.
  •   Display analyzer’s status and upcoming event.
  •   Reports analysis results along with reference ranges.
  •   List and search saved patients results.
  •   Easy network interface setup to LIS/HIS

Convenient Quality Control

  •   QC range setup in seconds by barcode scanning.
  •   Up to four levels of QC available to set up.
  •   Option to discard unwanted QC results.
  •   QC statistics of n, mean, SD, and {5aeaeb60d8cd075186b19ce48d0d6a506c94608312aa820fa615c5a7cb8af24d}CV available.
  •   i-Smart QC material available in three levels

i-Smart 300 Blood Gas System


  •   i-Smart 300 Blood Gas System delivers critical patient results quickly and simply, with minimal operator interaction.
  •   Clinicians can implement patient therapy sooner than before as testing can be conducted any where.
  •   i-Smart 300 portable analyzers meet the need for critical care testing in the laboratory, OR, ER, ICU and other hospital location.

Maintenance Free

  •   Proven quality through the previous Electrolyte Analyzer.
  •   Disposable Cartridge contains all sensors, reagents, waste bag, tubing and sample probe.
  •   Replacing a cartridge is all you have to do for maintenance!

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