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Welcome to DTM Print. Established 1986. Specialised in printing solutions for over three decades.
DTM Print, a member of the DTM Group, is an international OEM and solution provider based in Germany. As a pioneer in specialty printing and with over 32 years of experience in developing individual printing services, we represented the US brand Primera Technology, Inc. under the name Primera Europe GmbH in EMEA for many years. Beside our own products, we work closely with well-known manufacturers to provide the best possible printing solution.

About DTM Print
Since 1986 DTM Print GmbH has been a successful partner for manufacturers from Europe, America and Asia with innovative printing solutions like ID card printers, CD/DVD/BD printing systems, colour label printers and medical slide and cassette printers for the healthcare market.

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Memories from Another World

Being submerged in the incredible undersea world is an amazing experience for the first time snorkeler and to the seasoned diver.
For over 25 years, SeaLife has created underwater cameras, lighting, lenses and accessories that allow you to capture and keep these remarkable memories.
SeaLife is the only company with a focus exclusively on underwater imaging and lighting. The experience and dedication that go into each SeaLife product assures remarkable results.
Let us guide you through the SeaLife range and help you select the underwater camera system for your next aquatic adventure.

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The MTG Sync board and the MTG Sync App combine to make optimizing and storing your meeting notes as simple as taking a snapshot.
Optimize the snapshot with MTG Sync App.
The MTG Sync Board is optimized to work with the MTG Sync App. Using the App, simply take a snapshot of the whiteboard. The image is automatically corrected for keystone distortion using the unique frame recognition technology. The notes on the board are saved in a clearly readable portable size. Using the MTG Sync App, the notes are easily organized and shared.

Automatically correct the distortion of images taken at an angle.
Use the template sheet to create and organize meeting notes. Attach the magnetic template sheet to the whiteboard. Fill in the meeting information in the appropriate fields (Date, Title, etc.). When a snapshot of the board with the template attached is taken, the MTG Sync App automatically generates a thumbnail image of the template. This makes for easy organizing and searching. Furthermore, the five (☆) marks on the template sheet can be checked to indicate the degree of importance of a meeting. The App automatically recognizes the check marks and is able to organize images according to their star (☆) rating.
Using the App, the "Title" and "Date" can be entered via keyboard to the image information. This aids in organization and search ability.
The degree of importance, indicated by number of star (★) mark in the App, can be changed using the App . Template sheet
Save and organize meeting notes in folders.
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The company represents world renowned, multinational brands that are leaders in their fields, offering a wide range of products and solutions. From Medical and Health Imaging and Clinical Laboratory Equipment to Dental and Aesthetic technologies. Picture Archiving and Communication Systems and high volume printers, large format scanners. As well as audio-visual educational products, conference room projectors, and AV control rooms. In addition to a number of consumer products and appliances.

Medical Displays
As a leading manufacturer of innovative medical displays NEC is your partner to deal with the challenges of hospital-wide digitalisation processes.

Desktop Monitors
The desktop display product portfolio ranges from entry-level to professional and specialty desktop LCD. Superb performance and image quality with a wide range of innovative features and upgraded connectivity.

Large Format Displays
Modern information media for public buildings, at exhibitions and in congress centres, for POS and in stock exchange/financial applications. Also for monitoring media in control rooms and production facilities.

Colour Accurate Displays
SpectraView - a range of displays combining the very high standards of colour technology and panel expertise, tailored for the demanding creative professional and business conscious pre-press user.

Samir Company carries a wide range of projectors for all different types of applications from well-known brands such as NEC, Epson and Sony. .
Our projectors range as follows:
  • Value

  • Mobile

  • Standard

  • Short-Throw

  • Ultra short-Throw

  • Installations

  • Home Use

  • 4K Digital Cinema

  • Large Venue

  • Video wall display
    Samir Group has a specialty in building up Video Walls using NEC monitors for different sizes and applications: such as Command & Control Centers for NOC Rooms for oil companies, transportation applications, corporate lobbies, etc. We have a dedicated team to design the right Video Wall solution for you. It can be as simple as two monitors together, up to 10’s of monitors connected together with size, for example, 15 meters or more.
    LED Display
    Indoor and outdoor LED video wall modules from NEC enable creative attention-grabbing walls of intensely bright images for the brightest environments and long distance viewing. Modular, light-weight, cost effective and designed for transportation hubs, sports venues, events and retail environments - LED promises a bright future.

    Promethean: Loved by teachers, trusted by IT for over 20 years.
    Promethean’s Elements Series: Purpose-built innovation grounded in our history of working with teachers to deliver products they love to use, with the security and manageability that IT needs.
    Promethean in the United Arab Emirates : The United Arab Emirates is now home to diversified multi-cultural communities and has encouraged many top-class education institutions to invest in, and boost their education systems.
    Promethean, a leading global brand in the UAE, prides itself on having had the opportunity to play a vital role in enhancing the nation's classroom pedagogy for more than twenty years.
    Promethean Interactive Classroom solutions in the UAE have established the reputation of a trusted and preferred choice for education institutes, teachers and IT teams. Our famous ActivInspire software is still specified in major RFPs to ensure that the implementation of transformational technology in the classroom is not merely focussed on hardware, but provides a whole solution tailored to the needs of 21st century teachers, students and their schools.
    Promethean's educational technologies are key factors in supporting the UAE’S vision for a modern classroom, teacher’s development and building professional communities. Emphasising concepts like formative assessment, providing the best teaching tools and by increasing teacher-student collaboration to motivate and enhance their involvement and outputs, Promethean enriches the learning experience at all stages.
    We support and guide schools right from the enquiry stage as consultants by working with our clients to understand their education goals. By working jointly with leading institutions on programmes like the Promethean Innovation Hub we seek to ensure best practices are followed and key decision makers and investors attain their objectives.
    Our local presence in Dubai is in the heart of city at the World Trade Centre where we exhibit our world class products and welcome professionals to experience the range of products and solutions first hand.
    Promethean Element Series Key Features :
    Available in two series : Nickel and Titanium Android 8.0 : which is two times faster , Pre-Installed Educational Apps , Google playstore to access millions of education apps , so even if teacher comes without PC can start the class.
    Vellum technology ( Not Infrared ) : please refer attached document how Vellum is superior than Infrared.
    ActivCast Wireless Mirroring with Touch Back : Can mirror up-to 4 device of different OS at same time. It allows touch back facility
    Integrated Locker: single place that a user can visit to see all of his or her applications.
    Dual Network Ports on Panel : Ethernet and WiFI module makes it Internet ready panel.
    Centralised Web based Panel management , makes is secure and easily manageable
    Our Award winning ActivInspire Software is included. Loved by teachers for more than 20 years.
    As an pure Education company and to support modern classrooms our Pre-Loaded apps ( like Spinner , timer , annotate over any application , Capture ) over panel allows best use of teacher-student engagement and collaboration.
    On Panel whiteboarding is an infinite canvas , with different background ,colour highlighters etc , save in internal ,external , cloud storage.

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