About Us

Samir Medical Supplies (formerly Samir Digital Technology) was established in 1999 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, as a distributor of Medical products catering the needs of Gulf countries.

The company was founded by Mr. Samir Hamed Al-Hindi, as a regional entity and since then has gained its reputation as a reliable and reputable company in Medical Laboratory.

Today, Samir Medical Supplies is one of the oldest privately held distributor in the market. With more than 18 years of experiences, SMS represents major international companies in United Arab Emirates, and provides a full range of products and services offering latest innovation in Medical & Healthcare , Clinical Laboratory 

Samir Medical Supplies’ main priority is to focus on the best quality and highest standards of customer service that makes us the first choice.

Our Vision

Employee commitment is the core pillar and most valued asset for any company to succeed. We believe in each individual’s capability to learn and excel in their respective area of specialization. Individual commitments pertaining to the group effort is the lifeblood of Samir Medical Supplies’ success

We, the employees of Samir Medical Supplies, are a highly-motivated team. Our aim is to exceed the expectations of our customers through our passion for excellence, determination for growth, and commitment to continuous improvement.

Our Mission

Our Medical Partners

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