Vitros ECIQ

Immunodiagnostic System

Designed to help you ensure the result integrity & quality you need to confidently deliver the results that matter.

A Versatile System that Provides Peace of Mind

Advanced Security

♦ The VITROS® ECiQ Immunodiagnostic System has proprietary Intellicheck® technology designed to significantly reduce analytical errors.
♦ The IntelliReport provides real-time status on the quality of every patient result, for worry-free result reporting.

Optimized Efficiency

♦ Minimal maintenance, including no tubing cleaning or replacement, and no priming of reagents, even for start-up operations, means less operator intervention and true walk-away automation.
♦ e-Connectivity® with Predictive Technology operations provide highly secure access to system data for immediate diagnostic and performance analysis, to maximize system uptime and increase staff productivity.

Cost Effectiveness

♦ Patented VITROS® Technologies are designed to deliver predictable financials and eliminate many of the hidden costs that can be associated with other immunoassay analyzers.
♦ Standardized reagents use the same reagent packs across all VITROS® Systems

Key Features

♦ Enhanced Chemiluminescence technology for excellent sensitivity and broad dynamic ranges
♦ MicroWell technology allows for small sample volumes with minimal waste
♦ Intellicheck® technology for continuous process verification help ensure correct results the first time
♦ Short sample, clot, and bubble detection offers greater security
♦ Single use disposable tips eliminate carryover and cross contamination
♦ No plumbing, drains, vents or deionized water eliminates many costs associated with alternative system
♦ Small footprint requires less space and overhead expenses
♦ Up to 20 Integrated Reagent Packs loaded any time and stored on-board for continuous, random access operation
♦ Low total costs with increased reportable result efficiency, fewer errors and interventions, and more effective staff utilization
♦ Easy to train and cross-train operators
♦ Up to 90 results per hour*
♦ Depending on test mix

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