Mythic 22 OL

22 parameters haematology analyzer Open Tube system


• NOW with 24 parameters
• 100{5aeaeb60d8cd075186b19ce48d0d6a506c94608312aa820fa615c5a7cb8af24d} Optical Differentiation by Solid State Light Source
• Compact sized with less maintenance
• Closed tube mode and QVGA color touch screen
• Low (< 17 µl) blood sample volume per test
• Only 3 reagents on board (low cost of analysis)


• Multilanguage:
Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Chinese, Deutsch, English, French, Magyar, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish
• Calibration:
Automatic or manual
• Quality control:
6 batches
100 run/batch
Table and Levey Jennings graphs
• Archives:
Internal memory: 1500 patients
Mass storage (USB): up to 60 000 patients
• Traceability:

-Patient identification: Name, Patient Id, Sample Id
-Daily log
-Reagents monitoring: lot number, expiry date, volume
-Service log
• Flagging:
-Pathologic flags
-Lab limits
-Reagent alerts
-Instrument alerts
• Options
External barcode scanner

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