Vitros 350

Product Description

How do you get accurate results from your lab? How do you improve your effectiveness while dealing with a shortage of skilled technologists? How can you provide better services to you physicians/ patients? How can your do more testing while under constant cost containment pressure. The answer can be offered by GMI.

Ortho Clinical Vitros Chemistry System make it simple to get the job done right. The Ortho Clinical Vitros 350 Chemistry System comes complete with enhanced software a better menu and ergonomic design. Boost productivity and reduce total costs with a system that delivers the right results the first time. The Ortho Clinical Vitros 350 Chemistry builds on the Vitros reputation of efficiency dependability and above all ease of use. It’s a versatile chemistry system designed to work in many laboratory settings as a primary staff or backup system with a lot of power in a convenient system the Ortho Clinical Vitros 350 Chemistry System along with the latest enhancements is a very easy to use system due to simplicity in operation training and minimum maintenance.

The Ortho Clinical Vitros 350 Chemistry System processes a broad test menu using the innovative micro slide technology. The Vitros 350 chemistry system gets the job done right the first time.

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