Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

Company Profile:

Country of Origin: USA

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics serves the transfusion medicine community and laboratories around the world. We are the leading provider of total solutions for screening, diagnosing, monitoring and confirming diseases early before they put lives at risk. Our single focus is to help hospitals, laboratories and blood center worldwide deliver results that help patients experience a better quality of life.

Clinical laboratory:

Chemistry Analyzers VITROS FAMILY
All VITROS system are standardized with our proven and patented enabling technologies that are self-monitoring, highly efficient and vest of all, easy to use. With minimal staff interventions and reduced error potential, you get quality results and maximum uptime. All VITROS® systems also use single use disposable tips to address carry over and contamination concerns to ensure the right result, first time and on time.

  • VITROS® XT 7600 Integrated System

Removes the obstacles to reducing turnaround time and increasing your ability to provide meaningful results. 

  • VITROS® 5600 Integrated System

General Chemistry, Special Chemistry, Immunoassay, Protein, Drugs

  • VITROS® 3600 Chemistry System

General Chemistry, Therapeutic Drugs

  • VITROS® ECiQ Immunodiagnostic System
  • VITROS® 4600 Chemistry System

General Chemistry, Special Chemistry, Protein, Drugs

  • VITROS® XT 3400 Chemistry System

Next generation VITROS® 350 / 250

  • VITROS® Total Lab Automation
    • Pre-analytical System: Pre-analytical system offers flexible configurations to meet the specific needs of laboratory within the available space. One configuration can include several modules of the same type depending on laboratory’s workload.

Blood Bank Systems

ORTHO VISION™ Analyzers:The ORTHO VISION™ Analyzers automates the full rangeof the immunohematology testing including serial dilutions for titration studies and selected cell panels, which helps to eliminate manual testing even specialty testing.

ORTHO™ Workstation

Increase precision and accuracy:Provide the accuracy your patients deserve with a validated system of ID-MTS™ Gel Cards- the serological standard for blood banks with centrifuge and incubator. Proven reliable ID-MTS™ Gel Cards offer clear, stable, well-defines end points, objective interpretation of results, and a full assay portfolio.

ORTHO™ Optic Reader

ORTHO Optix™ :Get the high-quality results of an automated solution no matter the size of your lab. At the heart of our semi-automated portfolio is ORTHO Optix Reader, an advanced card reader designed to automate reaction grading and elevate your lab’s performance to the highest level.
For more detail please visit www.orthoclinicaldiagnostics.com

DIESSE Diagnostica Senese

Company profile :

DIESSE Diagnostica Senese S.p.A. is an Italian manufacturer of innovative in vitro diagnostics systems. DIESSE was founded in 1982, DIESSE has  focused its efforts on developing a solid position in the IVD market segments of hematology, sero immunology and bacteriology. A mainstay of DIESSE strategy is the in-house production of most of the basic biologic components of the diagnostic kits (polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies, native and recombinant antigens), along with the capacity of designing instruments and dedicated plastic devices in order to develop close automated systems.

Vision :
Being a reliable supplier of medical devices in vitro diagnostic creating through research, innovative products that meet customer requirements and continually improving the quality of those already on the market.


Help to improve the health status of the population through the marketing of diagnostic tests that can guide medical decisions more effective and contain at the same time, public expenditure on health, in the spirit of the operator’s safety.

Diagnostic Evolution

The evolution of research, the evolution of safety for lab technicians, the evolution of In Vitro Diagnostics. When it is driven by a continuous will to innovate, high skills and advanced technological development, evolution is unstoppable.Today this evolution leads us towards the medicine of the future.


DIESSE Diagnostica Senese SpA has been operating for many years in accordance with leading standards for quality management systems, ensuring traceability, transparency, highest quality of its processes, products and services and working on continuous improvement.
The Company is certified in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 and EN ISO 13485: 2016, also in compliance with the MDSAP (Medical Device Single Audit Program) program.
As part of this program, DIESSE Diagnostica Senese SpA has obtained, starting from 2019, the MDSAP certification in accordance with the Regulations of all 5 countries participating to the program: the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and Brazil.
All products are CE marked in accordance with the European Directive 98/79/EC concerning In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices and the relative applicable harmonized standards.


Automatic instrument for the determination of the ESR on 20 samples,  simultaneously. The ESR reading at the first hour is performed in 24 minutes including the mixing of samples. Automated system for the direct determination of ESR in 20 samples simultaneously. Results obtained after only 20 minutes of sedimentation. It is an excellent system for the ESR in lipemic and bilirubinemic samples.

ESR is determined in closed tube: No contact with blood, No blood is withdrawn, No liquid waste is produced.


Automatic instrument for the determination of the ESR on 30 samples simultaneously. The ESR reading at the first hour is performed in 26 minutes or in 10 minutes (fast method) including the mixing of samples. Automated system for the direct determination of ESR in 30 samples simultaneously. Results obtained after only 20 minutes of sedimentation.


It is an excellent system for the ESR in lipemic and bilirubinemic samples.


ESR is determined in closed tube: No contact with blood, No blood is withdrawn, No liquid waste is produced.


Automatic instrument for the determination of the ESR directly on the hematocrit tube (190 samples/hour), using racks from the main cell counters. The first result is performed after 24 minutes. Host query interface. Automated system for the direct determmination of ESR in blood/EDTA samples.


The system can read level of sedimentation across the labels attached to the primary tube, the ESR is directly determined on the full cell count sample.


Different models and brands of EDTA tubes can be processed simultaneously by the instrument, without restrictions suitable for laboratories receiving samples from different collection points greater sample stability: the test can be performed within up to 24 hours from blood collection.


Continuous loading of the sample holder racks for a better work-flow in the laboratory automated mixing of samples ensuring the complete disaggregation of erythrocytes first result obtained in 22 minutes only.


ESR is determined in the same full cell count closed tube: No contact with blood, No blood is withdrawn, No liquid waste is produced.


Automatic instrument for the determination of the ESR directly on the hematocrit tube (95 samples/hour), using dedicated racks. The first result is performed after 26 minutes. Host query interface. Automated system for the direct determmination of ESR in blood/EDTA samples.


The system can read level of sedimentation across the labels attached to the primary tube, the ESR is directly determined on the full cell count sample.


Different models and brands of EDTA tubes can be processed simultaneously by the instrument, without restrictions suitable for laboratories receiving samples from different collection points greater sample stability: the test can be performed within up to 24 hours from blood collection.


Continuous loading of the sample holder racks for a better work-flow in the laboratory automated mixing of samples ensuring the complete disaggregation of erythrocytes first result obtained in 22 minutes only.


ESR is determined in the same full cell count closed tube: No contact with blood, No blood is withdrawn, No liquid waste is produced.


Easy-to-use single test multiparametric system for immunometric assay. The Appropriate solution for the medium size laboratory.

Convenient system

The single test device contains all the reagents necessary to perform the assay: no hidden costs or waste of reagents. Master curve procedure with 1 point calibrator included in the kit. Packaging: 36 or 12 devices according to the type of test.

Safe and user friendly

Minimal manual operation required:
1.Dispense the serum into the device
2.Place the device in the instrument
3.Press RUN: the instrument is programmed by the device’s bar-code label.


Automatic continuos loading instrument for the determination of the ESR on 4 samples simultaneously directly on the hematocrit tube. USB and Bluetooth connector for personal computer, smart-phone and tablet. External bar code reader and printer (optional).


The test is performed on blood samples collected in the same top lavender tubes used for full blood count.


Continuous loading of samples, touch screen interface, USB port and Bluetooth connection to PC, Tablet and Smartphone. No production of waste materials, no extra-costs for waste disposal.


ESR is determined in the same full cell count closed tube: No contact with blood, No blood is withdrawn, No liquid waste is produced.

For More Details, Home – DIESSE Diagnostica Senese Spa


Country of Origin: Japan


Horiba Medicals designs, develops and distributes worldwide, in vitro diagnostic systems mainly destined for biological analysis in medical laboratories. These automated analyzers meet the needs of various users including patients, doctors, private laboratories, clinics and university hospitals. HORIBA expertise in in vitro diagnostics is one of the most respected in hematology worldwide and contribute today to the health of tomorrow.

Haematology : Pentra XL80

  • 27 parameters
  • Whole blood micro-sampling (CBC: 35 µL, Plus Diff 53 µL)
  • Cytochemistry, Impedance (real cell volume measurement) & Optical (analysis of the internal cellular structure by measuring light absorbance) – DHSS* Technology
  • Perfect homogenization of blood samples with reagents – MDSS** Technology
  • Automatic Sample Re-run
  • Reagents: Only 4 reagents plus cleaner
  • Perfect differentiation of the 5 WBC sub-populations with DHSS* Technology
  • 3 histograms for RBC, BAS/WBC and PLT together with the 5 DIFF Matrix
  • Basophils counted through specific channel
  • High resolution matrix includes the determination of 2 additional subpopulations (% and #): Atypical Lymphocytes (ALY***) and Large Immature Cells (LIC***)
  • Customized Dilution Ratio (CDR)
  • Integrated Workstation and Validation Station

Yumizen H500

Cost Effective Hematology Solution For Small Mid-Size Laboratories

  • Ideal for small-mid labs, satellites labs, emergencies and physician offices labs
  • Compact System
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Easy Handling
  • Safe Blood Testing
  • Full 6 Diff Diagnosis
  • Secured Workflow
  • Cost Effective Hematology Solution
  • Rapid testing
  • Only 2 reagents use for Diff analysis
  • Whole blood 20 µL sampling
  • 27 parameters, CBC/DIF Analysis
  • Flags & alarms expert system
  • Proven technologies of impedance and optical detection
  • Optional infectious screening flags for Malaria and Dengue 

Yumizen H2500/H1500

  • CBC-DIFF NRBC with expert menus for 3D analysis (CVD: Complexity, Volume and distribution)
  • Immature WBC
  • Reticulocytes
  • MIC%, MAC%
  • Plt Ox
  • LVC (Low Value Cycle)

For more details, please visit : https://www.horiba.com/en_en/medical/


Country of Origin: USA

Company Profile:

Rad Source was founded in 1997 for the purpose of creating non-gamma irradiation alternatives. Even prior to the more recent security issues associated with radioactive gamma sources, Kirk’s vision was to solve environmental disposal and related practical issues associated with “hot” source equipment. Based on that, we introduced our first products in 1999 incorporating X-ray technology including the first FDA cleared X-ray blood irradiator as well as our laboratory research X-ray irradiator, the RS 2000.

Since then, we’ve continued expanding our capabilities and adding to our proprietary X-ray based irradiation technology, developing proprietary x-ray sources and new equipment. We are a global enterprise and our equipment resides in major pharmaceutical labs, healthcare institutions and renowned universities around the world. We are based in Buford, Georgia, USA where our highly qualified and dedicated staff continues to develop our technology, design and produce our equipment.

 Rad Source Company Charter

To develop commercially viable X-ray replacements for existing sealed source applications.

For more details, please visit:https://www.radsource.com/



Company of Origin: China

Company Profile:

Dirui is located in Changchun, the heart of North Eastern China, covering an area of 37,000 square meters and a construction area of 65,000 square meters. DIRUI is a global provider of laboratory solutions focusing on in-vitro diagnosis analyzers and consumables over 27 years. Our headquarters has two locations, one is reagent R&D and manufacturing plant located in Changchun High-tech Park, and another is DIRUI industrial park of 25,000 square meters, which contains instrument R&D, manufacturing plant, and administration center.

We have talents work in engineering, manufacturing, research & development, sales & marketing, it, and the number of R&D team takes over 30%. Committed to our mission to popularize diagnostics, we are constantly developing new innovations to provide our partners and users the best products in over 100 countries and regions. Today, 1,700 of us are working together to caring for human healthcare, enhancing the quality of life, and benefiting everyone.

Quality Commitment

  • The company’s quality management system has passed ISO9001, ISO13485 international quality system certification.
  • All DIRUI products are CE certified, and some of which are holding FDA certification.
  • DIRUI testing center is approved by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment. (CNAS)

Technical Strength

  • Over 10%-15% of sales revenue is invested in R&D each year.
  • Over 30% of employees are R&D engineers, covering mechanics, Optics, electronics,computer,biology, fluid mechanics, analytical chemistry, and clinical medicine talents.
  • 6 professional laboratories for biochemistry, urine, blood cells, chemiluminescence immunoassay, gynecological secretion, and coagulation analysis.
  • Products covering 80% of clinical testing items.
  • 189 patented technologies.

Professional Services

Dirui has entered into over 120 countries and regions, and set up the local business facilities in Europe, Asia Pacific, America and CIS, in which way DIRUI can serve the partners and end-users in most efficient and professional way.

For more details please visit en.dirui.com.cn


Company of Origin: Germany

Company Profile

INFAI is at the leading edge in the transfer of advanced analytical technology into medical diagnostics and the development of innovative pharmaceutical products. The company has pioneered the use of stable isotopes and NMR in gastroenterology, metabolic diseases and oncology. INFAI’s laboratories in Cologne, Germany are equipped with the most advanced NMR and NMR imaging instrumentation. These facilities are used for in house research and product development and are also available for collaborative and contract research.


The 13C–breath test device HeliFANplus is a compact and very reasonable 13C-infrared analyzer with a high sample throughput. It is especially designed for performing the Helicobacter pylori breath test at the clinics and at Gastroenterologists. Together with this device you obtain the capable and easy to operate FANci–software, including more than 20 additional breath tests. Due to the availability of the common USB interface you can connect HeliFANplus to your PC or laptop without any problems.

Attractive for: Points of Care Small Hospitals Laboratories

  • High precision measurement of 13C
  • Unrivalled price-performance ratio
  • Small, compact device
  • Minimum weight
  • Easy connection to a PC or notebook
  • Fast measurement using fourfold sampler
  • Simple operation with WindowsTM software
  • Connection to Hospital Information Systems (optional)
  • Automatic sampler for a high sample throughput available

For More Details https://infai.de/en/homepage/


Country of Origin: USA

Company Profile

Streck is an industry leader in the development and manufacture of products for the clinical and research laboratory. Streck’s core technology is cell stabilization. Product lines support the fields of hematology, immunology and molecular biology.
Led by President and CEO Connie Ryan, Streck has grown from its beginnings in a two-room office in midtown Omaha, NE, to the state-of-the-art 200,000-square foot facility in southwest Omaha. Visionary leadership and our experienced management and scientific teams have propelled Streck to the premier position it now holds and readies it to embrace the future.
Streck control products test the performance and limits of instruments and reagents, helping laboratories meet regulatory and accreditation requirements. The most important characteristics of Streck controls are the stability and physical similarities to real patient samples. Closely resembling patient samples makes it easier for technologists to detect any problems with their processes or instruments.
The company’s pursuit of innovative solutions has produced an extensive list of patented products. We are recognized throughout the United States and in 65 countries as an industry leader in quality products for clinical and research laboratories. New products support the company’s endeavors in the fields of immunology, molecular diagnostics, infectious disease and urinalysis.

For More Details Home – Streck


Country of Origin: Korea

Company Profile

Founded in year 2000, i-SENS is a global company dedicated to improving the lives of people with diabetes and those who care for them.

CareSens® is recognized worldwide as a brand that provides fast, highly accurate blood glucose testing results. With annual production capacity of 2.2 billion test strips from highly efficient manufacturing facilities (two in Korea, one in China), i-SENS exports to over 110 countries including USA, Japan, and Europe. In Korea, i-SENS is No. 1 in market share.
i-Smart® 30
Features & Benefits:

  • Basic electrolyte testing platform
  • Equipped with 7 inches touchscreen TFT LCD and user-friendly software
  • Equipped with all-in-one cartridge system including electrodes, reagents and all consumables & waste
  • Fast measurement time (35 seconds) and small blood sample volume (50µL)
  • Equipped with built-in battery, lightweight, and easily portable
  • Self-cleaning system prevents contamination between samples
  • Provides accurate test results through automatic calibration
  • Provides convenient functions such as built-in barcode scanner, voice guidance, and built-in printer
  • No on-site maintenance or technical service required
  • Up to 2 hours of sample measurement is available during the power cut thanks to built0in battery
  • Able to store 320,000 results of samples & quality control through high- capacity database
  • Increase convenience in QC by providing quick and easy setting and statistical data through barcode loading

i-Smart 30 Pro Electrolyte
Advantages of i-Smart 30 PRO

  • Measures NA+, K+, Cl- concentrations with 60 ㎕ of blood.
  • Reports patient results in 35 seconds on a big color screen.
  • Eliminates maintenance by the use of all-in-one cartridge.
  • Cartridge can now be used for up to 4 weeks.
  • Operates on battery for maximum 2 hours without being plugged in.
  • Allows fast and error-free data entry using barcode scanner.

Maintenance-Free Cartridge

  • All-in-one cartridge contains all reagents & consumables such as electrodes, calibration solutions, tubing, waste bag, and sampler.
  • Replacing a cartridge is all you have to do for maintenance!
  • Each cartridge offers an extended use life of 4 weeks!

User-Friendly Interface

  • Offer intuitive & easily accessible touch screen menus.
  • Display analyzer’s status and upcoming event.
  • Reports analysis results along with reference ranges.
  • List and search saved patients results.
  • Easy network interface setup to LIS/HIS

Convenient Quality Control

  • QC range setup in seconds by barcode scanning.
  • Up to four levels of QC available to set up.
  • Option to discard unwanted QC results.
  • QC statistics of n, mean, SD, and and %CV available.
  • i-Smart QC material available in three levels

i-Smart 300 Blood Gas System

  • i-Smart 300 Blood Gas System delivers critical patient results quickly and simply, with minimal operator interaction.
  • Clinicians can implement patient therapy sooner than before as testing can be conducted anywhere.
  • i-Smart 300 portable analyzers meet the need for critical care testing in the laboratory, OR, ER, ICU and other hospital location.

Maintenance Free

  • Proven quality through the previous Electrolyte Analyzer.
  • Disposable Cartridge contains all sensors, reagents, waste bag, tubing and sample probe.
  • Replacing a cartridge is all you have to do for maintenance!

For more details, please visit: https://i-sens.com/


Country of Origin: Austria

Company Profile

Eurolyser Diagnostica has been a global player in the point-of-care esting business for more than 15 years. We are a heavily research driven company and as such have accumulated very specific expertise that allows us to design and manufacture cutting edge technology instruments and test kits. Our products are durable, versatile, maintenance free and – most importantly – every bit as precise as large scale laboratory devices.
Medical Diagnostics
Eurolyser Smart
The Eurolyser smart (single method automated reading technology) is a tried and true, innovative point of care/rapid testing instrument. Its strengths are its ease of use, reliability and flexibility in day-to-day operations.
The smart instrument is designed to perform coagulation monitoring, thrombosis analysis, examine the inflammation status, assess cardiologic risk, diabetes status, iron deficiency and screening of colorectal cancer risc.
A system that perfectly fits the needs of general practitioners, internists, diabetes centers, angiologists, emergency labs, cardiologists, gynecologists, pediatricians, blood donation centers and anti-aging physicians. This easy-to-operate analyzer is a worthwhile investment for every user, thanks to its great flexibility and constantly expanding test portfolio.

Available Test Parameters

  • ASO (Antistreptolysin-O)
  • (C-reactive protein)
  • hsCRP (High sensitive c-reactive protein)
  • Cystatin C
  • HbA1c (Haemoglobin A 1 c)
  • PT (INR)
  • Microalbumin
  • D-dimer
  • Ferritin
  • FOB (fecal occult blood)
  • K+ Potassium
  • Homocysteine (HCY)
  • Lipoprotein a (Lp (a))
  • Troponin I

System advantages

  • Flexible, multi-parameter, POC analyser
  • As precise as a large automated instrument
  • Fast results
  • Easy to operate
  • Fully automated “walk away” testing processes

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 26 x 14.5 x 14 cm (9.4 x 5.7 x 5.5 inches)
  • Weight: 3.4 kg (7.7 lbs)
  • 100 – 240V (50 ~ 60 Hz)
  • Computer/host interface: RS-232 or USB
  • Optional: printer, barcode reader
  • CE marking

The Eurolyser Cube

The Eurolyser CUBE is incredibly small, but its performance easily measures up to modern, large laboratory systems. Operated through the tailor made Android app, this instrument is the perfect solution for laboratories, physicians and patients expecting nothing less than the best.
The Eurolyser CUBE is the answer to many of today’s health issues. Its genius technology generates precise results in a very short time. In addition the instrument provides a transparent progression of the patient’s health status due to the integration into modern eHealth systems.
The made-to-measure CUBE Android app permits continuous, automatic updates of the embedded instrument’s software via the Internet – no technicians, no additional expenses. It provides useful content, such as instructions for the test kits, FAQs and various background information at the touch of a finger – this saves valuable time. Time that the doctor can devote to the patient.


  • Fully automated analysis
  • Reliable cartridge system
  • Integrated QC self-test
  • Android app-based operation
  • Quick data entry with pictographs
  • Latest data transfer technology for eHealth services
  • News and feedback option at the push of a button
  • Bluetooth and USB connection
  • Data transfer to printer or host
  • Pre-set calibration curve
  • Identifies lot expiry date
  • Identifies remaining number of tests
  • Updates for testing procedures without need to modify the instrument’s software
  • Weight: 2.4 kg
  • Dimensions: 16 x 13 x 14.5 cm
  • CE-compliant

The Eurolyser Solo

The Eurolyser solo is a flexible, fully automatic instrument for veterinary point-of-care diagnosis offered in single test format. In just a few minutes the analyser automatically provides test results which are comparable to large-scale laboratory systems due to comparable technology. The analyser is suited to perform tests for thyroid and liver diagnostics, the analysis of diabetes and inflammatory status as well as the diagnosis of acute-phase proteins. The handy, portable analyser is a profitable investment for every veterinarian due to its flexibility, on-the-spot in-house test results and continuously growing test portfolio.


  • A pre-set calibration curve
  • Recognition of the lot expiry date
  • Recognition of the number of tests remaining
  • Updates of the testing procedures without needing to modify the machine’s software
  • Touchscreen display
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Fast data input, supported by pictographs
  • RS-232 and USB interface
  • Easy data transfer to the printer or host
  • Automated analyses – a “walk-away” system
  • Plausibility check
  • Short testing process
  • 250 patient data storage
  • Weight 3.4kg (7.7lbs)
  • Dimensions: 26 x 14.5 x 14 cm (9.4 x 5.7 x 5.5 inch)
  • CE compliant

For more details, please visit: https://www.eurolyser.com/


Country of Origin: Cyprus

Company profile
In an era where emphasis is placed on providing high quality, safe and effective healthcare products, Demophorius Healthcare, a British owned company founded in May 1996 with head offices in Limassol, Cyprus is dedicated to manufacturing medical related products, of the highest quality and standards at the most affordable prices. Demophorius manufacturing facilities have been selected to satisfy international quality control standards, while quality is assured by the TUV SUD Product Service GmbH certification of approval award, of the CE, mark for all our products and an ISO Certificate of quality. Our customer centered approach to product development, is reinforced by listening to and understanding of customer’s needs.

Experienced and well qualified sales executives provide support to existing as well as to potential distributors through regular contact and visits.
An established and ever expanding worldwide distributor network undertakes the efficient distribution of our products range, while our company’s representatives support through regular visits, reinforces the company’s presence in those markets.

Products :

Demotek Triple Blood Bag

Demotek Triple Blood Bag is designed to separate whole blood into three blood components; red blood cells, platelets and plasma through the process of centrifugation and extraction. Demotek Triple Blood Bag is available with CPDA-1 or CPD/SAG-M anticoagulant solution. A platelet storage bag is incorporated for 5-days platelet storage.

D-vac Tubes, Holders and Needles

D-vac Tubes, Holders and Needles are used together as a system for the collection, transport and processing of whole blood for the testing of serum and plasma samples. The tubes are made of high quality plastic Polyethylene Terephthalate PET (available also in Borosilicate glass) and the quantity of blood drawn varies with altitude, ambient temperature, barometric pressures, tube age, venous pressure and filling techniques. The cap made of Polyethylene(PE) LDPE and stopper made of Butyl rubber provide a secure tight leak proof stopper.

For more details, please visit: https://demophorius.com/


Company Profile

Hettich is known as a manufacturer of powerful laboratory centrifuges all over the world and even beyond the international space station ISS is one of the applications of Hettich Centrifuges. However, most centrifuges find use in medical laboratories, research facilities, and in industry. Experts appreciate Hettich’s laboratory device because they are durable, functionally though-out and mature.

The Hettich centrifuges have proven themselves for more than 100 years. Hettich centrifuges are valued around the world. They are well designed, ergonomic and will provide years of reliable service. They have been proven in use in many different applications – now for over 100 years. Today, Hettich is one of the top manufacturers of laboratory centrifuges in the world.

For more details, please visit: https://www.hettweb.com/

Digisystem Laboratory

Company Profile

Digisystem Laboratory Instruments Inc. manufactures was established in 1971 in Taiwan. We are producing a variety of a wide range of laboratory instruments. Our product lines include Centrifuge, Rotator, Shaker, Mixer, Dry Bath, Water Bath, Orbital Shaking Water Bath, Boiling Sterilizer, Hot Air Oven, Incubator, Differential Cell Counter, OPTIMA® Biological Microscope, Stereo Microscope, Microscope Adapter and Accessory, Cold Light Source.

Quality :

Digisystem Laboratory Instruments Inc. has over forty years of experience in manufacturing laboratory instruments in Taiwan. Because of our outstanding quality and service, we have ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certificate and CE mark for the products. Digisystem’s products are offered to the world-wide. Depending on the customers’ special requirements, we also can do OEM.

Partnership :

Honesty, trust, and sincere service are our company policies. We always do our best to offer the high quality and great services to the customers, and hope that the customers can have faith in and satisfied with Digisystem.

For more details, please visit: https://www.digisystemlab.com/

Mole Bioscience

Company Profile

Jiangsu Mole Bioscience Co., Ltd. (“Mole Bioscience”) is a high-tech enterprise that is committed to the R&D, production and sales of molecular diagnostic reagents by leveraging the resources of Zhejiang University. Powered by the industrialization platform, Mole Bioscience boasts multiplex fluorescence quantitative PCR, high-throughput sequencing, and antigen/antibody detection technologies, and provides more than 200 products among which 24 products are already registered with CFDA. The company’s in vitro diagnostic reagents have been widely applied in more than 200 provincial and municipal hospitals, CDC and Independent Clinical Laboratories (ICH) nationwide for the detection of infectious and genetic diseases, as well as gene testing before individual therapy of tumor patients.


Virus Specimen Collection & Transport System


Superior specimen collection and release capability than traditional swabs, capable of more sample capacity, such as virus, chlamydia and mycoplasma

  • Better nucleic acid adsorption capacity, improve the positive rate of virus detection effectively.
  • Specimen could release to the transport medium immediately, reduce the waste of the specimen.
  • Flexible rods, according with ergonomic design


Used for transportation or transfer of pathogenic microorganism, such as virus, chlamydia or mycoplasma

  • Inactivated medium—Guanidine-thiocyanate based medium, guarantee the viability inactivation of specimens during transportation and testing, inhibit the activity of nuclease and maintain the stability of pathogen nucleic acid and human genome.
  • Culture transport medium—Hank’s formula with antibiotics and phenol red, can be used for subsequent virus culture without affecting virus activity and infection ability.
  • General medium—As a basic buffer, it can help to stabilize samples.
  • Three specifications of the medium meet different testing requirements: 1,2,3ml.


  • Made of medical polypropylene, resistant to low temperature (-70℃).
  • Concave screw cap and silicone O-ring ensure seal integrity of tubes, prevent the leakage of solution

The head of the swab is made of polyester fiber, rayon or pile coating, etc. these materials can help to collect enough samples and make no impacts on subsequent experiments. The handle of the swab is made of plastic or aluminum, which is designed to be easily broken.

Viral DNA/ RNA Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit



Serum, Plasma, Stool, Swab, Sputum, etc.


Viral DNA / RNA Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit


32 Tests / Box,48 Tests / Box,64 Tests / Box,96 Tests / Box

Viral DNA / RNA Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit


32 Tests / Box, 64 Tests / Box, 96 Tests / Box


  1. High extraction efficiency, good nucleic acid yield, ensure the sensitivity of detection;
  2. Different extraction methods can be flexibly selected according to detection requirements.


For more details, please visit: http://en.molechina.com/

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