MIKRO 200 | R





High-capacity and high RCF for fast results. Capable of holding up to 30 tubes per run at an RCF of up to 21,382, the MIKRO 200 reduces spin time while delivering optimal separation results.

Fast cooling for greater efficiency. Available with optional temperature control (-10 to +40°C), the compact MIKRO 200 R cools down to +4°C in just 10 to 15 minutes using the Fast-Cool function.

Rotor variety for a multi-functional work-flow. For both pediatric tubes and standard microliter tubes. Users have the option of a 24-place or 30-place angle rotors. The MIKRO 200 also offer a 4-place PCR strip rotor and 20-place cryo tube rotor for even greater versatility. An 18-place rotor for spin column kits is designed to protect the tube cap from breaking during centrifugation and is also available with auto-clavable, phenol resistant, bio-containment lid.

Low-cost alternative for Lipemic samples. The MIKRO 200 eliminates the need for a limited use, high-cost, ultra-centrifuge and offers a solution for clearing Lipemic samples at a fraction of the cost. Process your samples quickly, in-house, and do away with send-outs.

Rotina  380 | R





Extremely versatile centrifuge that maximizes your bench space and exceeds performance. The ROTINA 380 requires minimal bench space at a width of only 457 mm (18 inches), with or without temperature control. Capable of spinning up to 76 blood tubes, 36 conical, 32 urine and 12 plates the ROTINA 380 vastly outperforms its modest size.

Store up to 98 user-defined programs for easy recall application parameters. Adjust time, speed (RPM), RCF and braking with the easy use LCD display.

Prevent accidents and user fatigue with our ergonomic lid. The ROTINA 380 features open-assist lid with drop-protection. The open-assist feature allows you to open lid to 90 degrees at the push of a button making it easy to load and unload your centrifuge without sample disruption.


Rotofix 32 A




Economical, rugged and simple design for uncomplicated performance. The ROTOFIX 32 A offers labs an indispensable, non-refrigerated, general-purpose benchtop centrifuge at a great value. The multi-functional and user-friendly centrifuge over-performs on everyday tasks and delivers consistent results. Ideal for all standard tubes up to 100ml and specialty tubes such as cytology clips/funnels and chrome bath tubes.

Eliminate the need to purchase an expensive and dedicated cytocentrifuge. The ROTOFIX 32 A performs multiple applications including cytology, in the same centrifuge, saving you money and bench space. Hettich’s 12-place Clip Rotor is capable of spinning 0.2 to 6 ml single, double or large funnel formats with optional bio-containment, eliminating the need to purchase an expensive dedicated cytocentrifuge.

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