Mythic 22

Automated Hematology Analyzer

Infomation product

-Mythic 22 AL is a 24-parameter fully automated hematology analyzer: WBC, LYM{5aeaeb60d8cd075186b19ce48d0d6a506c94608312aa820fa615c5a7cb8af24d} and #, MON{5aeaeb60d8cd075186b19ce48d0d6a506c94608312aa820fa615c5a7cb8af24d} and #, NEU{5aeaeb60d8cd075186b19ce48d0d6a506c94608312aa820fa615c5a7cb8af24d} and #, BAS{5aeaeb60d8cd075186b19ce48d0d6a506c94608312aa820fa615c5a7cb8af24d} and #, EOS{5aeaeb60d8cd075186b19ce48d0d6a506c94608312aa820fa615c5a7cb8af24d} and #, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW, PLT MPV, PCT, PDW, RDW-SD, P-LCR.

-Compact size, simple maintenance process, easy to implement

-Fully automated sample loading system

-Use only 3 reagents on the instrument, thus saving the cost

-Sample volume <20 μl

-Calibration: automatically or manually


-Impedance (WBC, RBC, PLT)

-Spectrum (HGB)

-Optical (5-diff)

-Photometric measurement of non-hydrogen cells

-Optical laser method to distinguish 5 components of white blood cells, using semiconductor diode

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