Vitros Eciq

Immunodiagnostic System


A powerful immunoassay system for routine and specialty testing designed for low- to mid-volume laboratories that require continuous processing.

The VITROS ECiQ Immunodiagnostic System is the best solution for laboratories performing routine and specialty immunodiagnostic testing. Thanks to proven VITROS Technologies, including our proprietary INTELLICHECK Technology, this system is designed to give the highest level of confidence in quality result reporting by verifying and documenting steps throughout processing. All of which equals greater confidence reporting these results while making the laboratory more efficient and users’ lives simpler.



♦ Ensures result integrity for quality result reporting
♦ Patient samples and reagents automatically metered into MicroWells
♦ INTELLICHECK Technology verification at each step
♦ Dual-logic processing optimizes assay performance and throughput



♦ Optimizes labor by reducing operator intervention
♦ Up to 20 Integrated Reagent Packs loaded any time and stored on-board for continuous, random access operation
♦ Automatic Inventory Management monitors and verifies inventory, expiration, and calibration
♦ INTELLICHECK Technology verifies MicroWell dispense and assay reagent aspiration and dispense

♦ Reduces errors for worry-free result reporting
♦ Unique Save-the-Sample Clot/Bubble Detection preserves the specimen and minimizes redraw
♦ Disposable Tip Sample Metering verifies sample aspiration and dispense, while addressing carryover and cross-contamination concerns
♦ Universal Sample Trays accommodate primary, secondary, and microcollection containers and sample cups without adapters or pour-off containers


♦ Maximizes system uptime and increases staff productivity
♦ Highly secure, real-time two-way communication between your system and our support teams
♦ Automatic Data Exchange and Remote Connectivity for immediate diagnostic and performance analysis
♦ Immediate resolution of technical issues without a service visit

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