Helifan Plus


The 13C–breath test device HeliFAN plus is a compact and very reasonable 13C-infrared analyzer with a high sample throughput. It is especially designed for performing the Helicobacter pylory breath test at the clinics and at gastroenterologists.
Together with this device you obtain the capable and easy to operate FANci–software, including more than 20 additional breath tests.
Due to the availability of the common USB interface you can connect HeliFAN plus to your PC or laptop without any problems.

Attractive for: Points of Care Small Hospitals Laboratories

• High precision measurement of 13C
• Unrivalled price-performance ratio
• Small, compact device
• Minimum weight
• Easy connection to a PC or notebook
• Fast measurement using fourfold sampler
• Simple operation with WindowsTM software
• Connection to Hospital Information Systems (optional)
• Automatic sampler for a high sample throughput available

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